$1 million of Iranian cash stolen from Russian Foreign Ministry in broad daylight after being stashed in vodka box

In a distinctly Russian take on The Italian Job, an official has reportedly been arrested after a daring heist at Moscow’s diplomatic headquarters. Around $1 million of state funds is said to have been snatched from a vodka box.

The REN TV network reported on Thursday that the funds were part of a $1.5 million payment from Iran in exchange for providing consular services. The money, which they say had been couriered by diplomats, was delivered to the office of the finance department’s top specialist, Natalia Agaltsova, in two bags and a sealed box of Swedish tipple, Absolut.

Agaltsova claims she sounded the alarm when she went to count the cash, and realized that, while on top of each pile was a $100 bill, the rest had been replaced with $1 notes, leaving more than $1 million missing.


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