Time magazine celebrates medical authoritarianism, naming Fauci β€˜guardian of the year’

Time magazine has designated US coronavirus czar Anthony Fauci as a β€˜guardian of the year,’ a new category that emphasizes his dystopian doomsday pronouncements. The message? Sit down, muzzle up, and fear what you’re told to fear.

Since the first reports of the novel coronavirus on American shores, Fauci has been front and center, scaring the life out of Americans with apocalyptic predictions of millions ofΒ deathsΒ that – while they haven’t come to pass – have triggered devastating economic shutdowns. A recent survey found nearly two out of five US families planned to spend the next year inΒ β€œsurvival mode,” having no choice but to put aside long-term goals in order to do whatever they can to make ends meet as the economy circles theΒ drain.Β 


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