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Posted by G-Zero Guest - 03-26-2020 03:14 AM
Golf courses still open. go golfing.
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 03-26-2020 02:06 AM
Ffs sheep
Posted by IJD - 03-25-2020 08:16 PM
[Image: tumblr_m22uuvoac81r2kjx1.gif]
Posted by Yeahwell - 03-25-2020 08:16 PM
Chloroquine is a drug normally used for the treatment of Malaria. This drug is now being touted for the treatment and possible cure for COVID-19.

COVID-19 has put an end to sporting events, shops, events, business, today, the Olympics and pretty much every facet of life.

COVID-19 has pretty much brought the world to a stand-still.....almost brought the world close to what many would refer to as an END.

Trump the other day tweeted something in the realms of “don’t let the cure be worse than the problem” following what he heard on Fox News.

Foxes are in the family of wolves and for those who have been shouting at the roof tops for many years that the world should prepare for a day such as this.....the phrase “the boy who cried wolf” pretty much applies in light of what the world is going through at this point in time.

So, what did the boy cry wolf about?

Well, that the world was coming to an END.

And this phrase for so many years was NOT what the world was ready to hear, and even with all that is going on, they still won’t accept it.

So where does chloroquine fit in this picture?

For those who have ever taken this drug, Chloroquine would be the most bitter thing you have ever had to could possibly be the most bitter pill in the whole wide world.

So how does this apply to COVID-19?

TRUMP: Paraphrasing “we can’t let the cure be worse than the disease”

Chloroquine is possibly worse than the Malaria disease itself that it claims to cure.

Needn’t say more at this point but to summarise, Chloroquine as the cure for COVID-19 which has brought the world to a grinding halt, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Chloroquin = Chloro-Queen

Chloro is as with Chlorophyl or Chloro-Phil. You think it’s a coincidence that the Queens husband is called Philip?

Chloro is Green, the colour you turn to when you die.
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