Post-Covid apocalypse, decimation of cities & Amazon buys Cyprus: Saxo Bank unveils β€˜outrageous’ predictions for 2021

Danish investment bank Saxo Bank has released its annual list of β€œoutrageous predictions,” trying to assess some unlikely – but not impossible – events that could shake up the global financial markets after the trauma of 2020.

While the bank says the list is merely β€œa warning against the potential misallocation of risk among investors,” Chief Investment Officer Steen Jakobsen noted that there is one β€œnot-so-outrageous prediction” for 2021. According to him, next year may become β€œa reality check to the idea that β€˜extend and pretend’ can stretch to infinity and beyond.”

Notably, last year Saxo Bank was partly right about this year’s US elections, as it expected the Democrats to take control of the presidency and both houses of Congress. It also warned about the possible demise of the US dollar, which has seen a decline in 2020.

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