Parting gift from 2020? NASA warns FIVE asteroids headed this way

As the widely perceived terrible year of 2020 draws to a close, NASA has shared an alert about five asteroids due to shoot past the Earth on Wednesday and later this week, two of which will come closer to our planet than the Moon.

Some three space rocks, ranging in diameter from roughly a telephone pole size all the way up to two London buses end-to-end, will shoot past the Earth on Wednesday. 

The 11-meter asteroid named 2020 XF4 will flyby at 343,000km (213,130 miles) followed by the 24-meter 2020 VY1 at five million kilometers, with 2020 XS5 bringing up the rear at an equally safe distance of three million km. For reference, the average distance between Earth and the Moon is roughly 385,000 kilometers (239,000 miles).

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