Passengers May Seek Legal Action Against United Airlines After Being Exposed to COVID-19 on Flight That Man Died On

The Jefferson Parish, Louisiana coroners confirmed to NBC News on Tuesday that 69-year-old Los Angeles resident, Isaias Hernandez, died from “acute respiratory failure” and “COVID-19” after falling ill on a United Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to L.A. last Monday. After falling ill, two passengersβ€”a nurse and anEMTβ€”performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him before the flight was diverted to New Orleans where Hernandez eventually passed away.

According to witnesses, passengers heard the man’s wife say that he had been experiencing “COVID-like” symptoms prior to his death. This was news to passengers who say they weren’t warned by United Airlines that a person with COVID symptoms was on the flight. Now, several passengers are claiming to be experiencing health issues following the incident.

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